Circular knitting needles are used to make knitted fabric such as single jersey fabric double jersey fabric and sweaters knitted fabric. Circular needles enables knitter to knit in circle and these needles are useful for knitting tubular fabric like hats and mittens. These knitting needles are used to produce narrow tubes of knitting for hat, socks, mittens etc. And other items using the loop technique. In India most knitting fabric exporters are using Korean knitting needles for better quality and high production. Korean needles are known best needles in India, they makes all types knitting machine needles such as Circular Needles, Hosiery Needles, Transfer Needles, Wire Needles, Links needles, sinkers and jacks and raschel needles. Circular needle looks like two short knitting needles connected by a cable between them. These needles are used in Mayer Knitting Machine, Terrot machine, Orizio machine, Fukkuhara machines, pailung machines and in various other Chinese and European knitting machines.
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29 VO 105.41 G007 VO 105.41 G007
30 VO 105.48 G001 VO 105.48 G001
31 VO 105.48 G002 VO 105.48 G002
32 VO 105.48 G003 VO 105.48 G003
33 VO 105.48 G004 VO 105.48 G004
34 VO 105.48 G005 VO 105.48 G005